Friday, January 4, 2008

The Diapers are Off ...

This gif is really cute when SPB is live ... he is hopping up and down. My hubby sent it to me when I was looking for them to use the other day ... I thought it was appropriate again due to the potty training we are in full midst today. So far so good. Only one accident ... that was double duty ... but I think we learned at least once what it feels like and we like the potty better than thin wet panties.

My friend gave me some underwear her daughter hardly wore and so I am telling my youngest, "Hey you can't pee or poo in these they belong to xxxx. So you need to make it to the potty so we don't mess these up." I also got her some "reward" panties that were on sale. She will need to be potty trained before she can get those though. Question: Do they make training pants anymore? They did like 6 years ago, but I had a hard time finding them last night.

Yesterday I had a rare day off. I just told my hubby that I needed to do somethings because I didn't want a fight and I needed some time off. We used to have this kind of set up ... he would take some time off for himself and I would take some time off for myself. We both need a break, but more me since I don't escape to a job on a daily basis. Anyway, sometimes that is a bone of contention, so I just had some things to do.

I spent the day doing some things I had wanted to do and it is hard to do with the kiddies around. I went to Michael's and loafed instead of saying "put that back", "no we can't get that", "don't touch that", "put that back" ... man that was nice! Then I got a small snack at McD's and went to the Antique Mall. I just love walking around that place. Sometimes I see things that we used to have around in my house or Grandma's when I was a kid and it makes me feel good. Or I see things that are pleasing to the eye that are old, but enjoyable to look at. Recently I started collecting figurines for the girls. I wanted to get birthday months for them and myself. Then they can have them when they are all grown up. They are worth quite a bit now and if you find them you can get a great deal. But they will be worth a great deal when the girls are my age.

I timed my time just right at the Antique Mall so I could get out and make it to the 3:55 movie time of Juno. I was intrigue by the acting of the girl that plays Juno. It is an adoption story, which I like, if they turn out good. Anyway, she is a good actress. Most people would say she was smart aleck ... maybe so, but I thought she was quick witted. I went because I figured it was one of those movies no one would want to see with me. It is not a kids movie, but you know I saw a kid about 5 in there with their mom. I was kind of shocked. I guess she really want to see the movie and couldn't find a sitter. But it was not appropriate for the little kid. I was surprised how quiet the kid was though. My kids would have been talking loud and probably "screaming" or running around.

After the movie I went to dinner, alone and you know what ... it was nice and hot. Not lukewarm like I am used to. I took some books I had purchased at Family Christian Bookstore, which I stopped at before dinner. So I looked over the books, which are books for Children's Ministry, and got some really great ideas out of them for this Sunday. I am starting the year off by organizing a way to go through the Bible in a year. Starting with Genesis and ending with Paul's travels. (That is about as far as you can take it with little kids ... Revelations is over most adults heads ... can't imagine what kids would think.)

I stopped off at the store to get the reward panties and then called my friend to ask her advise about what I wanted to say to my littlest regarding getting her to use the panties and go to the toilet. She then told me she was getting ready to give me some panties just the right size along with some clothes, so I stopped by to get them. We talked a bit and went through the clothes then I left for home. I needed to stop off to the grocery because we need some staples.

When I got back home the girls were climbing the walls to see me. It is nice to have a break because the kids are so excited to see you when you get back home. Of course, today the newness wore off and we are back to the same antics. But at least I got a break and a hot meal.

Michael Scott: Last week I would've given a kidney to anyone in this office. I would've reached right into my stomach and pulled it out for them. But now, no. I don't have the relationship with these people that I thought I did. I hope they ask, so they can hear me say, "Uh, no, I only give my organs to my real friends. Go get yourself a monkey kidney."

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