Saturday, December 29, 2007

Well, welcome to the world of blogging! How many people have started their blogs out like that? Probably too many to count on both hands and feet, but it was all I could think of for the moment. I have always wanted to try this ... I enjoy peeking into others blogs to see what they have to say. Being a stay-at-home/homeschooling (SAH/HS) mom, we always have a lot to say, but not too many people to say it to ... so this will be a nice outlet. Will see how many people actually read this ... if not many that is fine ... I am just content to vent and release some thoughts of the day. So for now ... that is all folks, I will leave you with an a quote from "The Office" which has become my favorite TV show as of late ...

Michael Scott: They're wrong, you are creative. You are xxxx creative. Each and every one of you. You are so much more creative than all the other dry, boring morons that you work with.
Jim Halpert: Who are you talking to, specifically?
Taken from Season 4: The Ad