Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2 + 2 = ???? 2, 4, 6, or 8 ... I'm confused????

I first have to apologize and tell you that my friend urged me to get a myspace account ... I did this only so I could be her friend and read and comment on her blogs ... as well as some others ... so I need to tell you that while on there today I posted this blog to my space ... instead of writing it again ... I am using that one here ... more people read this one than the myspace one because it is private ... so that is why. I won't always do that ... but I wanted to give props to the people I am talking about and didn't want to have to re-write the blog again.

The other night I watched this reality show "Jon and Kate Plus 8". It is on TLC or the reruns for the week are on Discovery Health. Sunday night they had a marathon and they were showing some never before seen footage. I do not watch it regularly usually it comes at a time during bath and bed, but there are times I get to watch it. For those of you who are not aware of what it is about ... but are curious. Life started with just Jon and Kate and like some couples they had trouble conceiving so they relied on modern science to help. Well after a little bit of time along came their 2 twin girls. Some time passed and they thought, Oh it would be nice to have another child (notice I said child ... as did they) and I am unclear on how they did it the next time, but they became pregnant again, but this time ... they were blessed with 7 with in the end having 6 healthy births. Hence the title, Jon and Kate Plus 8. I watched it once just for grins and was captivated because I saw myself in Kate. She is a lot like me, except prettier and has 8 kids. But she reacted to her kids and husband a lot like I do at times. I heard her say once, Oh where is he when I need him ... while looking around when knee deep in kid troubles and her hubby is no where to be found. Oh can I seem to relate to that one. But that is not why I am writing this ...
As I watched the marathon the other night ... I kept thinking to myself how much mothering was the same whether you had 1, 2 or 8 kids. Whether you had your kids by blood or by love. We all lose our cool at one time or another. She looks like she has it all together most of the time and she is a Christian. But she has good and bad days and she yells sometimes. But most importantly, she loves her kids and would do anything for them.
It is funny how many similarities her family and mine have. I just realized as I read their website after I watched the show that their kids, be it they have many, are the same ages as my two, 7 and 3 (they turn the same ages in the same years). She is a Christian as well as I am. She is a stay at home mom as I am. Her husband has had some tough times with work, as has mine. But we are both blessed.
It is hard to see this in the midst of the tears and the tantrums. But when the tides turn and are calm, you can see the warmth of love rise like you can see the foam rise on the ocean.
I appreciate "Jon and Kate Plus 8" as well as the Gosselin family in general. I hold them up in prayer as they attempt to enter each day with the Lord as their guide. I also hope there are others out there that lift each of us mothers up, even if it is not by name, that enters the day with the Lord as our guide. It can be tough to be a mom ... whether your family is 2 + 2 or 2 + 8.

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Wendy said...

My brother said that show is hilarious. What you said is true. My friend is convinced that if she only had one kid she'd be more patient but I disagree. Kids can bring the best or worst in us.